Helping Businesses Prepare for Climate Change

10 Feb

Helen and Gina at ACCO LI BannerAfter Benecomms Founder and President, Helen Bertelli, attended the joint International Society of Sustainability Professionals / Association of Climate Change Officers (ISSP/ACCO) conference earlier this year, she authored a piece on her LinkedIn page about the event, incorporating information from interviews she had conducted with sustainability officers.

The resulting piece was published by Public Spectrum, the leading public sector knowledge-sharing platform in Australia.

“Investment in climate change mitigation and adaptation is now a matter of competitive advantage,” says Bertelli. How can businesses position themselves as leaders in the fight against climate change? Bertelli shares these five tips:

  1. Climate change is an exercise in change management; take stock of who in your organization is already (or may very soon be) working on climate change-related challenges and start there.
  2. Previous change management exercises – like those put in place to tackle cybersecurity in the not so distant past – might prove valuable in the preparation for corporate-wide impacts from climate change.
  3. Hire or train from within a Chief Climate Change or Chief Sustainability Officer for your business or organization.
  4. Take full advantage of the available data on climate risk. 
  5. Engage your community, helping them to prepare for impending climate change; what affects municipalities affects the businesses within those communities. 

Read Bertelli’s article here.  

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