Benecomms Launches Climate Communications Training and Thought Leadership Services

11 Jan


Climate change is the most critical challenge of our time. Businesses possess incredible potential to fight it, but only by working fast and hard. Communicators will play a central role in this epic change management exercise.
Benecomms' award-winning work in climate change with startups, multinational companies, law firms, and real estate companies, has helped us to develop offerings to empower other communicators working in climate. Our climate change communications training courses are designed to empower corporate communications and marketing teams. And our thought leadership services help companies communicate their goals and actions to their stakeholders.


Our climate change communications courses, adapted to your team's needs, provide: 

  • The basics of climate science and climate risk for communicators
  • A glossary of terms for ease of communication within departments and across departments
  • Case studies on successful corporate climate communications strategies
  • An understanding of corporate change management and how it pertains to climate change communications
  • Tips and takeaways that marketers can use to enhance their work and their success when it comes to meeting Net Zero and other targets

From our work on climate risk and the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) to carbon pricing, Benecomms has managed and produced numerous thought leadership pieces for our clients working in the area of climate change. Benecomms' climate change thought leadership services include:

  • Original research and data analysis
  • Ghostwriting and conducting interviews with key stakeholders 
  • Special report design and layout
  • Email campaigns
  • Still and motion graphics, social cards, and more for use on networks

Corporate communicators will play a leading role in the fight against climate change. Work with Benecomms to give your team the training and tools they need to lead climate action in your company. To learn more, contact us below:

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