Hexagons: Nature's Lesson for Business and Life

22 Jul

Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway

Hexagons are everywhere, prevalent in nature due to their efficiency and strength.

In a grid each hexagon fits precisely with those around it. Every line of every hexagon is mathematically perfect; as short as it can be to fill as large an area as possible. This means that a beehive requires less wax - and energy - to construct; honeycombed metal lattice keeps airplanes light but incredibly strong.

The hexagons in the Benecomms brand represent different facets of what it means to be an effective and durable business; they remind of the tenets that are important to us as an organization:

  • Efficiency. This is incredibly important to us. We are constantly on the lookout for new tools and techniques that will help us do our jobs faster and more efficiently, to get the best results for our clients.
  • Strength. We look for employees who have a story to tell. They are intrepid and resilient, smart, kind and extraordinary individuals whose inner-strength and values shine through.
  • Teamwork. Benecomms handles many projects in-house, but complex ones often require us to build communities of talent - from software programmers, designers, writers, even construction professionals - to work seamlessly together. It matters not if the people involved are Benecomms members, freelancers, employees of our client or heads of other creative agencies - we bring together the right people for the project, we direct and manage seamlessly for the best outcome.

As a lifelong subscriber to Scientific American, I have read about hexagons often. There is a whole family of crystals that are hexagonal. Snowflakes are hexagonal. Both become macroscopic hexagons because their microscopic, molecular structures dictate that they become so. In chemistry, organic compounds are represented with hexagons. In astronomy scientists recently discovered an enormous, mysterious hexagonal cloud formation at Saturn’s pole; no-one knows how it came to be there.

When nature tells us how to be, we should listen, even if we don’t fully understand. Perhaps hexagons are one of nature’s many messages from which we can learn, both in business and in life, to become our best selves.

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