Benecomms Launches

22 Apr

Welcome to Benecomms, a PR and marketing agency with a mission to give back. 

For every seven hours our clients pay us we devote an hour to pro bono or charity work. We believe this way of operating empowers our team, engenders creativity and strengthens our connections both to each other as well as to our community. In short, its good for business.

Our clients are scientists, inventors, marketers, businesspeople, lawyers, and volunteers, and they are changing the world in small ways and big. They create tools to make parenting easier; harness AI to treat complex diseases that give patients hope and help where there was once none; build affordable housing for families who otherwise would have no homes; feed children over weekends and summers where no school might otherwise mean no food; renovate women’s shelters, and more. 

Let us help you tell your story, and together we will make a difference.

Contact Us

Phone: 202-465-1468